Jumpking Trampolines

Owners of Jumpking trampolines which you can read about at www.jumpster.co.uk and Madfun may have wondered whilst bouncing around exactly when the trampoline per se was invented. In 1930 George Nissen was a young lad living in Iowa in the USA. He frequented the local circus and became transfixed by the aerial acrobatics that were performed there. He was left with a lasting impression regarding the net below the acrobats that they would jump on to and then spring back up as part of the act. He was so captivated by what he had seen that he decided to try and invent his version of this bouncing mat.

madfun trampolines
When he had finished college he set about the task and eventually managed to invent a trampoline mat by using tent grade canvas which he stretched over a welded frame. To begin with he called it a jump rig and not a trampoline mat. After the end of the Second World War Nissen contacted a couple of business associates for a trip down to Mexico and it was here that he heard reference to a diving board being called ‘el trampolin’. He decided to patent his new invention as a trampoline.
As history confirms trampolines mats have come on in leaps and bounds. The material in general use for trampolines mats today is black polypropylene and because of the way it is woven there is little air resistance. Because of this lack there is a spring/cushioned feel that enables it to be jumped and bounced on. Bouncing on a trampoline has to be one of the top ways to enjoy exercise.

To increase the safety measures you can place padded mats around the trampolines edge. At on time trampolines had no such safety feature. However, considering that trampolines emanate from the safety net idea it should be expected that at least some type of user/jumper safety feature would be initiated.

During recent years further safety advancements have included padded mats plus a caged area which operates to stop the user from falling off. Although you may think of having several children on the Jumpking at the same time they are made for one person at a time and more than one is an unacceptable breach of the rules.

Because of the adoption of more strict safety rulings plus the inclusion of trampoline enclosures and padded safety mats over the springs and bars there has been a significant decline in visits to the dentists and doctors for repairs to teeth and bodies after accidents. Safety is now the key word.

Remember not to use the trampoline in wet weather. There is no harm in keeping the unit outside whatever the weather but the mats will become very slippery in inclement conditions and dangerous to use.

Make sure that all jumpers wear sensible footwear and not shoes that have buckles that might damage the mat. The mat is the only thing stopping the user from falling to the ground so it is essential it is kept in one piece.

Damaged mats can be repaired and there are companies around who would do this for you but the sensible option is to purchase a replacement. This could also be the opportunity to replace the black mat with one of a choice of various colours that are now obtainable.

There is no other exercise that is more enjoyable for the whole family than trampolining. Get one now and you will never regret it.

How quickly should I lose weight?

I am often asked how quickly you should lose weight. It often baffles me because I have seen so many headlines over the years about losing weight ultra fast and often thought they were just there to sell a newspaper or a magazine. The reality is with weight loss is that it is a short term goal to lose weight but a lifelong goal to keep it off. This means that you need to think in terms of lifestyle. You need to get into the habit of eating the right food and exercising in a fun effective way. If you do this the speed that you lose your weight really doesn’t matter.

If you are even slightly over weight you have most likely gained it over months and if you are heavily over weight you will have done it over years. Why focus on getting it off so quickly. If you have gained a few pounds then you could for example lose a stone in a month or two as shown at www.colinmstone.co.uk. It can be done but it is far better to get into a normal routine of having healthy meals that you can continue to eat long after the extra pounds have gone.

The same goes for exercise. There are a number of great benefits of exercises of which losing weight is only one. It is great for meeting like minded people or for having some de-stress time. So long after the flab has been removed exercise can still play a big part in your overall health and fitness. By going at it for a month flat out you may lose the weight but you also run the risk of injury or worse still getting fed up with what you

The reality is that quick weight loss is great and it makes people feel fantastic to see the scales drop but what needs to be remembered is that it is fat you want to lose and for that you need a healthy diet and good quality exercise that promotes strong functional muscles. This is not something that can be done in a few weeks but something that needs building over the course of months. Only then can you build a body that you can be proud of.

So forget losing weight fast and get down to losing it steadily. Get your diet right and you can still lose a stone in a few weeks steadily and in a healthy manor.